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[Correction: Wales voted 52.5% for Brexit - sorry for error/rrc]

In this podcast, Dr. Robert Congdon discusses the current Brexit status in the United Kingdom, while offering the background that brought Britain to this crisis.

This analysis of the situation considers it from a biblical viewpoint.

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In this fifth class in CMI-TV's series on the book of Revelation, Dr. Congdon carefully and biblically determines the meaning of the scroll and its seven seals of Revelation 5 and demonstrates their significance to a Christian's future inheritance in Jesus Christ. Every Christian needs to understand this before they can begin to understand the purpose of the prophetic events that will follow in Revelation.

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The recent meeting of Germany and France in Aachen could well be the first step for a European Union Army which could well help the EU to achieve a global empire. Dr. Congdon demonstrates the parallels between the actions of the ancient Roman Empire army and how the EU army could follow. The driving force propelling the need for the army is examined in light of biblical prophecy.

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February 2019 Broadcast

March 2019 Broadcast

The fate of the SS United States graphically portrays what could be the future of the Britain's "ship of state." In this Brexit update, Dr. Congdon explains the current state of the United Kingdom's efforts to separate from the European Union. The current "deal" is explained and demonstrates the difficulty of separating from the EU.

Dr. Congdon then explains the decline of the British Empire from a biblical viewpoint, showing how the path of the last 100 years brought Britain to this position.

In the first portion of this podcast Dr. Whitcomb, world famous theologian and author of The Genesis Flood, gives an eyewitness account of how Grace Theological Seminary theologically failed. In the second portion, he biblically details the danger signs of seminaries, mission organizations, churches, and Christian organizations that ultimately lead to their spiritual decline and failure as instruments of the Lord. This is vital viewing for all Christians and especially those in leadership positions.