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Pt 1 - The Rise of the Antichrist upon the World Stage               Dr. Robert Congdon                       42.28

The Wrath of the Lamb: The Tribulation: Revelation 6:16, 17     Dr. Robert Congdon                       51:00

In Part 1, Dr. Congdon explains and defines the key symbols the Apostle John used to enable us to understand the means by which the Antichrist will rise upon the world stage. In Part 2, we will see how these symbols present the scenario for this rising on the Antichrist.


In Part 2, Dr. Congdon, using the key symbols as taught in Part 1, presents a scenario of the rise of the Antichrist during the Tribulation based upon the writings of John the Apostle and Daniel the prophet. It will be shown how the original 10 rulers of the final man-made empire of Daniel's 70th is slowly reduced to one by the Antichrist, the "little horn." Dr. Congdon uses present day examples to demonstrate the feasibility of these events happening in our lifetime. This video present a very seldom-taught aspect of how the Antichrist takes control of the final empire before the Return of Jesus Christ destroys the empire and the Antichrist and establishes the Millennial Kingdom.

Dr. Robert Congdon answers the question: Why a Tribulation and how could a loving God bring wrath upon the earth? He offers four biblical reasons for the 7-year Tribulation described by the books of Daniel and Revelation. Additionally, he answers the question: Will true believers have to endure the Tribulation?

Pt 2 - The Rise of the Antichrist upon the World Stage               Dr. Robert Congdon                       37:15

Part 2

Have you ever asked the question "why pray" if God knows my every need? Dr. Congdon offers a very biblical and unique reason that you may never have heard. Here is a view of prayer that makes your daily prayer life vital to your future service to Christ as His Bride in the Millennium

Prayer: On the Job Training for the Millennium                            Dr. Robert Congdon                       44:33

This video (Part 1 of 5) offers an understanding modern Russia's, Iran's, & Turkey's role in the latter-day Battle of Gog-Magog, Ezekiel 38 & 39, which will trigger the start of the Tribulation. For a clear understanding of why it will start the Tribulation see our video on the Feast of Trumpets.

Ezekiel 38 & 39 - The Battle of Gog-Magog                                  Dr. Robert Congdon                   5 parts